The first digital profile that really shows what you do and that is shared in 2 clicks.

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Nerofy adds an infinite world of possibilities to your networking skills by enhancing the reach of your relationships and generating more and better opportunities.
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Your free profile

If what you want is simply to have your basic data to share and you do not need to boost your sales, this is the best option for you and thus you get to strengthen your contacts and take advantage of the benefits of belonging to our business community.

For professionals

Boost your sales profile including all information at a single click and share it more quickly and visually with your customers. Connect all your contacts and grow them with our business community.

For Businesses

The entire network of your sales staff in one place and one click to increase your sales. Your commercial team will work effectively and you will have all your activity and status of your customers in a unique way. Equip your commercials with a new digital profile and they will be able to track your customers much more completely, as well as exchange any file, budget, catalog, etc ... through our professional chat, in addition to being able to create chats with your colleagues and groups of work.Choose between your personal or corporate profile, or just have both.

Your profile in two minutes

Your digital profile will allow you to share it in 2 clicks with any client regardless of the distance you are from and also offers you a professional chat so that you are always in contact with them and can exchange files, audios, videos, photos. . . No more wasting hours looking for emails to retrieve any information and they will always see you updated.

Will you continue to lose

business opportunities?

A business card usually ends up in a cardholder or tucked into a drawer among hundreds of others, which means that if someone needs to recommend or re-consult what you do, they don't have your information at hand, causing you to lose multiple opportunities to do business. In addition it only gives some basic data, and it cannot show in an effective way what you do. Now you can change it, create your digital profile and you will always be available, they can consult what you do, recommend you in an effective way and they will always have your information updated.
Nerofy is the new professional platform that will not only greatly improve the way you show your products and services on mobile, but will help you manage the daily relationship with your contacts in a much more effective way
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